It is smarter, more actionable brand intelligence to get analytics and predictive insights to make faster decisions that will drive your business forward. Hence a tracking exercise is the most suitable way to get predictive information.  This predictive modelling is not done in a day but requires several waves

Several parameters are trackable both for brands and for consumers

Consumer Tracking best to measure impact on the target Market  

·         Attitudinal –

·         Behavioral

·         Or a combination

Consumer tracking is most suitable for social issues and awareness building campaigns

Brand Tracking – to track impact of marketing activities on brand salience

·         Brand Health

·         Advertising

·         Or a combination of both

Brand Tracking can help:

1.    Track the changes in brand awareness and perception over time

2.    Evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign or other marketing efforts

3.    Identify gaps that need to be addressed from the consumer or brand perspective

4.    Designing a brand strategy to respond to changing consumer needs