Defining Insight   - anything that is common knowledge or practice but is viewed from a different angle

It needs a discerning eye and an out of the box mind

Moreover, it’s not a solo job needs team work to have various vantage points

The leadership at Tender dragon in its previous avatars has been part of several such teams and insights of Brands that became big in Pakistan 

Insight is not tool dependent – it can come via any source nevertheless some of the tools used are

·        Story telling

·        Collages

·        Emotive Boards


And many others not to mention standard qual and quant research like


·        Usage and attitude

·        Segmentation

o   Attitudinal

o   Psychographic

o   Need based

o   A priory

o   Nested

·        Category landscapes

·        Pricing studies

And many more … though we do not believe in Labels and design studies as per the need of our consumer