Brand equity is an important variable that is crucial to success of a brand. Measuring brand equity has always been a challenge and measuring it effectively is an even bigger challenge. MD tender Dragon Saima Qamar was one of the pioneers in measuring and establishing Brand equity In Pakistan. The international tools were available, but the black box remained unopened.

Post her initial attempts of Using Aaker’s model to establish a brands equity model was then adapted by many with or without understanding the model.

In tender Dragon based on same but tweaked with a finesse Brand equity is Measured and has been branded as Brand wisdom.


Brand wisdom Blaze Index

We Have developed our own proprietary tracking Tool at heart of which lies Brand wisdom, a brand equity measurement designed on the bases of David Aaker. Check how brightly your brand shines using the Brand Wisdom Blaze Index (BWBI)

BWBI is a composite score based on

·        Brand Awareness   

·        Perceived Quality

·        Brand association

·        Brand Loyalty