We are an experienced provider of psychological services to organizations. We can help enhance wellbeing and performance in your workplace through a range of training, coaching and counseling services.

We can deliver:

· Employee counselling: designed to support your employees

·   Promoting wellbeing at work: training solutions to enhance awareness of the causes and symptoms of stress and other common psychological issues in the workplace

· Services to enable rehabilitation of employees: services to help employers understand the mental health issues of employees

We can deliver a tailored approach to meet with the unique requirements of your organization or an off-the-shelf solution when you need to act fast.

v 28 years of diving into consumer Psychology with specialization in Depression, anxiety, Improving self-perception, Marital Issues and general development of life skills


v Consultation by appointment only through:

·         Online – Via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom (Fee: Rs.3000/- Per session)

·         In personOffice visit in consultants office or your office  (Fee: Rs.5000/- per session)